Tropitaal Desi Latino Soundclash: DJ Anjali, The Incredible Kid, DJ Panaflex

  • Date: August 12, 2023
  • Time: 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM
  • Venue:  Goodfoot Pub & Lounge
    2845 SE Stark St
    Portland, OR 97214

$12 advance & at the door
21 and over only (with proper ID)

Take the sultry vibe of the Latin American Tropics, combine with the rhythm of India (“Taal”) and stir into TROPITAAL! A Desi Latino Soundclash where the hottest club sounds from India and Latin America go head to head in an all-night dance-off of epic proportions. Resident DJs Anjali & The Incredible Kid combine their deep passions and deep crates from across the spectrum of Latin, Caribbean & South Asian vibes. (Bhangra, Dembow, Future Filmi, Reggaeton, Funk carioca, Moombahton, Electro Cumbia, Tribal Guarachero, Desi Rap, Latin Trap, Dancehall, Chutney, Bollywood, Desi Bass, Brega & Diaspora party classics.)

“One of Portland’s favorite dance nights is making its return. Hosted by stalwart DJs Anjali and the Incredible Kid, Tropitaal mixes club music from India and South America—everything from urban desi to trap and reggaeton.” Willamette Week 8/11/2021

“For seven years now, DJ Anjali & The Kid have been commandeering the Tropitaal Desi-Latino Soundclash to the delight of knowing Portland audiences.” Portland Mercury 5/16/2020

“DJ Anjali & The Kid have been a staple of Portland, Oregon’s club scene for almost two decades, creating spaces for DJs and dancers to enjoy an international mélange of music ranging from bhangra to reggaeton.” Remezcla 12/26/18


DJ Panaflex has been performing and releasing mixes since 2013. His dynamic, international style incorporates a wide variety of sounds including Reggaeton, Dembow, Bhangra, Bollywood, Desi Hip Hop and EDM, Moombahton, Kizomba, Zouk, Cumbia, Dancehall, Afrobeats, Amapiano, Kuduro, and more. He has posted more than 50 online mixes dedicated to these genres and many more from throughout the world.

In addition to playing global bass music in nightclubs throughout Portland, DJ Panaflex hosts partner dance events including the Kizomba room at Logic, and Portland’s first Kizomba and Semba social. His Salsa and Bachata CV includes Aztec Willie’s, Rustix Pub, Senate, and Secret Society to name a few. He has been hired to perform at many Salsa and Bachata nights throughout Portland.
So deep are his crates and so broad is his genre literacy that he has been hired to perform all-night as the sole DJ at separate nights devoted to: Afrobeats, Cumbia, Bollywood, Bachata, Zouk, Kizomba, Salsa, Dancehall Reggae and Kompa. He has been a programmer and presenter at KBOO Community Radio since 2021; he currently hosts Soundclash Modem biweekly on Tuesday nights.


DJ Anjali and The Incredible Kid have spent more than 20 years igniting dance floors with cutting edge music not limited by borders or language. They host the longest-running Bhangra and Bollywood party in the world (Andaz est. 2002), co-founded the Pacific Northwest’s first Global Bass dance party (Atlas 2003-2013) hosted Chor Bazaar on XRAY.FM for seven years, and have continued to host Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Kush on KBOO.FM since 2006. In 2013 Anjali and The Kid initiated TROPITAAL! A Desi Latino Soundclash, which they host monthly at The Goodfoot. Few DJs can be said to have changed the sound of their city but that is exactly what DJ Anjali and The Incredible Kid have accomplished since they first introduced Portland, Oregon nightclub audiences to the many varied sounds of Global Bass at a raucous New Year’s Eve debut in 2000. They are most known for incinerating dance floors with the heavy dance floor artillery of South Asia, but the duo scour the globe for any hard-hitting music that combines local music traditions with window-rattling production.

“Known for fusing heart-quaking electronic with bhangra—a genre with roots in the traditional folk music of the northern Indian state of Punjab—and the soundtracks of Bollywood films, DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid’s dance floor sites are sweaty, glorious chaos.” Portland Mercury 4/18/20

“Their long-standing Andaz party has become legendary” Willamette Week 6/5/19

“Whether it’s the Desi-Latino Soundclash: Tropitaal, the Bhangra Bollywood dance party: ANDAZ, or her annual NYE rager, Anjali is the premier Portland dance DJ.” Eleven PDX Magazine 4/19
“After 18 years as a duo, DJ Anjali & the Incredible Kid are a Portland institution. Their long-standing Andaz party has become legendary for its lovingly crafted mix of Bollywood, urban desi and Indian dance pop of all kinds Their newer Tropitaal night, which adds everything from reggaeton to trap into the duo’s regular rotation is regularly a rager.” Willamette Week 1/9/19

“DJ Anjali & The Kid have been a staple of Portland, Oregon’s club scene for almost two decades, creating spaces for DJs and dancers to enjoy an international mélange of music ranging from bhangra to reggaeton.” Remezcla 12/26/18

“Andaz, the longest-running bhangra and Bollywood dance party in the world (and one of the wildest opportunities to shake your bum in Portland).” Portland Mercury 7/27/18

“the legendary DJ Anjali” Portland Mercury 1/24/18

 “One of Portland’s most revered record-spinning duos” Portland Mercury 12/31/17

“The West Coast’s king and queen of bhangra/global bass/Bollywood dance parties, DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid.” Portland Mercury 8/17/16

“For more than 15 years, DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid have been an inimitable force in the Portland dance scene.” Portland Mercury 6/22/16

 “Anjali and The Incredible Kid, Portland’s resident top Bollywood and bhangra deejays.” The Portland Tribune 3/12/15
 “DJ Anjali & the Incredible Kid have been Portland’s leading world music DJs since the turn of the millennium.” Willamette Week 12/31/14

 “Portland’s finest purveyors of Bollywood, bhangra and global bass music.” Vortex Music Magazine 10/12/14
 “Known for bringing cutting-edge music to virgin ears, they are guaranteed to throw you a good time” Eleven PDX Magazine 12/13

 “Maybe the Portland area’s most well-known deejays.” The Portland Tribune 1/26/12

 “People were talking about all weekend: DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid–playing every, SINGLE day (the only performers to do so), the Portland duo was the must-not-miss Bollywood/bhangra dance party makers of the weekend.” (Sasquatch! 2011) Oregon Music News 5/31/11

“Celebrate our local heroes as they hold down the biggest rock fest in the Northwest” (Sasquatch! Festival 2011) Portland Mercury 5/26/11

“DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid sets are one of Portland’s great recurring dance parties.” Willamette Week 12/16/09

“Portland’s favorite boy/girl DJ pair” The Oregonian 6/19/09

 “The pair have been keeping Portland dancing for s

Tropitaal with DJ Panaflex